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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mid-sem Holidays Here I Come

It always happens this way: When I am at home, I will be dreaming about my life in university, the freedom, the trees, friends and everything; when I am at the university, I will be dreaming about my life at home, the home-cooked food, the fluffy bed and anything.

As I am currently still at university, you know what I will be thinking about. Here are the things that I will have to complete within the seven days:
  • Assignment
  • Assignment again
  • More assignments
  • Eating mangos (yeah there were lots of them dangling on the mango tree at home, but I'm not sure whether they were still there waving at me. Anyway grandma promised to keep some for me! Yay yay yay!)
  • Cooking (just eat whatever turns out in the kitchen! Stop asking questions and giving me doubtful expression!)
  • Writing articles for MESYM (time can be squeeeeeeeeeeeezed, will see how I manage to do it, cross my fingers)
  • Eating home-cooked meals (no fried rice please!!!!!!! I have enough of that in cafe!)
  • Hugging my pillow (I miss it soooo much, boohoo...)
  • Talking non-stop about my uni life 
Having homesick and lovesick at the same time now... Keep getting sick here due to lack of sleep, lack of exercise and lack of food... Finally it's almost the time I am going home to recharge myself! Hopefully I will be doing better after taking a rest. Anyway, all the best, everyone!  

My first performance ever in Tun Perak College. Double personalities: Korean girl & Sarawakian warrior. The combination was odd, but... I did enjoy it, haha...

My beloved university! A dream came true!

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