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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

You're The One And Only - Mayday [Happy Early Father's Day!!!]

你是唯一 - 五月天
You're The One And Only - Mayday

雨林 通往雪景
我變成專機 帶你 前進
Rainforest leading towards snow scene
The trip you have been longing for
I turn into a personal jet bringing you there

如果 你是地心引力
If you are the gravity
I will not resist it
Re-defining the level

愛是空白日記 我是筆
任你 塗鴉著回憶
填滿感動笑意 在你心裡
翻閱 每一刻美麗
Love is a blank diary; I am pen
Let you doodle in memories
Filling with touching smiles in your heart
Flipping through every moment of beauty

眼前 直達天際
我變成雲朵 陪你 遊戲
In front of your eyes towards the sky
The flying that you have been hoping for
I turn into a cloud playing games with you

如果 你是棉花糖機
If you are cotton candy machine
I am willing to melt my true heart
Spinning into the cloud in your palm

愛是七彩光影 我是雨
給你 繽紛的雨季
折射溫暖笑意 在你眼底
呼喚 閃耀的天晴
Love is colourful light shadows; I am rain 
Give you mesmerizing rainy season
Refracting warming smiles in your eyes
Calling out for sparkling sunny day

愛是透明水晶 是你
懸在 胸口的封印
清澈守護記憶 讓我珍惜
因你 完整的生命
Love is a transparent crystal
Love is the seal you are wearing at your chest
Protecting the pristine memories
Let me appreciate the life which is complete because of you

愛是每個曾經 和你一起
你是 唯一的追尋
Love is every have-been together with you
You are the one I pursue

P/S: Love can always be interpreted in many ways, so does this moving song which is about the love of dad towards his child. Mayday dedicated this song to all the dads in the world with this lovely MV. Before I end this post, I would like to say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and I LOVE YOU to my daddy. Even though he has never said that he loves me, but I know that he truly does.

P/S x2: Please change profile picture. =P

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