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Friday, 5 October 2012

Stop by, and have a coffee.

After one week, finally, I am fully recover from the dreadful fever (I lost my appetite during that period, it was a kind of suffering for food-lovers like me) and it is time to back to the caffeine-addicted life.

There are many types of coffee in the world, but I used to have 3 in 1 instant coffee (such as Nescafe). It is the one I can afford, Starbucks and Coffee Bean is too luxurious for me. Coffee, to me, is not a ‘drug’ to make me stay awake late at night but an enjoyment of life. I had coffee while reading newspaper after lunch when I was at home. It is a state of relaxing as the aroma of coffee fills my mind, clearing away all the stress. As I know, some people are immune to the effect of caffeine while the others cannot sleep or will dehydrate after taking coffee, too bad that I am the latter. My dad still can sleep soundly even though he drinks coffee after dinner. How good if I can do that too without getting the risk of insomnia. I love coffee, but I try to control the frequency of drinking coffee to reduce caffeine addiction as much as possible (because I want to live independently without being controlled by caffeine).

Coffee makes me feel alive, erm, under certain conditions. Firstly, the time I feel like a zombie in the lecture hall. Secondly, the time I suffer from running nose as a result of allergy. As we know, coffee can freshen up our mind as it increases the metabolism rate of our body. It also magically cure running nose for my case (I am not sure whether it works for other people). I will be very energetic (or should I say hyperactive?) under the effect of caffeine for the following hours after drinking coffee. I see hope for the rest of the day (haha, yeah, I know I sound insane, but that is what I actually feel), and I can concentrate in whatever I do.

One of my dreams is to learn and enjoy the arts of coffee, where people draw patterns on the foam of coffee using caramel and chocolates. The photos of coffee arts on facebook are very tempting! Nice to see and I am quite sure that it is great to taste too. I read about it on newspaper. It requires a lot of practices to perfect the skills. People even use the foam of detergent for practicing (or else they have to drink a lot of coffee each day).

A mug of coffee, it is called life. 

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