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Friday, 19 October 2012

Random Happenings

I took my MUET speaking test on Monday, and was really unsatisfied with my performance. I could have done it better. The question given to us was: What quality should you show during the scholarship interview? The point given to me was: Intelligent and creative. An relatively easy question compared to others, a very good and easy-to-elaborate point, but a nervous and blank-minded candidate. Argh... Anyway, let bygones be bygones, the speaking test covers only 45marks out of 300marks in MUET, I have another 3 papers to sit for. Recently I saw many people sitting in four at the library practising speaking skills and felt relieved that everything has over for me. It's time to move on to the PSPM, the final exam of matriculation for the first semester.
We have ended our lectures and tutorials for the first semester. There is one week left for us to revise for the 'grand' exam, fighting to get four pointer! Yay, so this might be my last blog update for the study week. Maybe if I am inspired during the exam I still will spare some time to update the blog and stalk people using facebook, so stay tune!

Just now me and Miss Salad were having some desserts at the co-op and saw some Red Crescent vans wandering at the hostels. Then we heard some buzzing noise and also the fire alarm which we thought was another false alarm. Seconds later, we saw white smoke rising from the hostel. Oh, it was the spraying of insecticide by the Health Ministry. So we got away from the irritating smell and went towards the Dataran Kosmik. There were some people who were holding their plates and having their dinner at the corridor, poor people. Yea, this is what happened today.

Insects Update (part one)
It has been a long time since I did the insects update on facebook. As my college is located at the rural part of Banting, all sorts of insects can be found here, plenty of them, and sometimes it can be scary and annoying.
1) House-fly
Thank God that the house-fly season is almost over! For the last few weeks since we were back from the mid-sem break, flies were everywhere, covering the tiled floor of cafeterias and tables. You could find flies in the food, not just one, ugh! But we assumed that we saw nothing and just ate. By the way, a fly was discovered drowning in our favourite mung bean soup during dinner. Nooooo!!!!!!
2) Moth
Which is the place where we can find the most number of moths in the college? Bathroom. Yes, I am not sure what is the reason but we can always see moths resting on the wall of bathroom. I think those are peppered moths of a great variety, big and small, white and black, furry or not very furry. Ah, don't forget the Atlas moth! I never seen one before in Penang and am glad that I can see a population of them here. A beautiful creation by God.
3) Ants
Ants live with me peacefully in my room as I will not bother about them as long as they don't purposely disturb me. If they do, the consequence is, they will be blown some metres away. I prefer not to use the insecticide because it is not environmental-friendly and the killing will be endless. When the ants are thirsty, they will go to my 'freshly-washed' mug to have a sip and then leave silently. Hungry? Sorry, no food for you guys. I will make sure no leftovers on my table. A good example of commensalism, eh? Last night, when I opened my drawer to look for some documents at the most bottom part which is cold and dark, I found an ant colony in side a stack of test pads wrapped in plastic. The whole colony! Tiny red ants, with some big ones, and lots of white eggs, I thought. However I fail to find the queen. I didn't kill them but leave the test pads outside my room. The next morning, I mean, this morning, everything has been moved away, not a single member of the colony was left behind. One of the best part of animal nature.
4) Millipede
You can always see crushed millipedes on the floor. The red one and the black with yellow strips one. There are really too many of them and you will accidentally step on one if you do not look at the ground carefully when you walk.
5) Dragonfly and Damselfly
Red dragonflies can be seen flying freely like helicopters after the rain. If there is dragonflies, it means that the place in pollution-free! A good sign to the environment here. Damselfly is smaller and looked a bit like dragonfly but I rarely seen the fragile creatures here often.


  1. I just know ants eat my food, houseflies and moths irritate me under the lamp, millipede dirt myshoes, and dragonflies are my toys...

    1. Haha. Hope that you live well with them, Michael.