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Thursday, 15 November 2012

It's DURIAN season!!!

What is the most exciting thing to see when you travel along a kampung road at the end of the year? Yes! Durian stalls with heaps of durians waiting for you to take a bite! (Huh, you don't like durian? Too bad...) I am an extreme durian lover since I was young. Despite the not-so-friendly spiky look, the thick aroma of the yellow flesh within the shell drives me crazy every time! My family and I just came back from Teluk Batik this afternoon and when we passed Terong we were attracted by what we called 'the King of Fruits'. RM3 per kilogram, cheap and nice. I enjoy the feeling when the creamy flesh melt inside my mouth before sliding into my throat.

Aww... Satisfied...

'Come and get me~' said the durian.

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