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Sunday, 14 October 2012


Tomorrow will be my first (and hopefully is the last) MUET (Malaysia University English Test) speaking test. By around 11pm, I will be facing the shortest and longest time in my life (yea, it's hyperbola, haha). 1 minute to read the question, the shortest 2 minutes for preparation, the longest 2 minutes to present your points, another 1 minute to read the question, another 2 minutes for preparation, then the final 10 minutes for group discussion among 4 candidates. [1+2+(2x4)+1+2+10] minutes = 24 minutes. After test I can feel relaxed when using English (at last). Well, I will still improve myself in this language, no worry!

I am the last candidate of my group and it can be a good thing but also a bad thing. The good thing is, I can secretly prepare my points while others are doing their presentation (Ah, relax, I won't do that). The bad thing is, when it is your turn, everyone will be staring at you (Oh, everyone is paying attention to me, how nice). Anyway, I will not waste all the efforts learning English in primary and secondary schools. Thank you in advance to all my teachers and lecturers who had taught me English. I will definitely get the highest band in speaking test tomorrow.

Gambateh to me and all fellow candidates, cheers!

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  1. Mine is at tuesday..Mind guiding me? -_- im noobie