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Friday, 5 October 2012

The fifth month in Banting

Previously I thought Banting is a rural area but the fact is, it is actually quite busy. There is also hustle and bustle going on within the town (of course, don’t compare with KL). We can find supermarkets (The Store and Econsave), governmental and private clinics (or even specialist center), pharmacies (Watsons, Guardians etc), all sort of groceries, bakeries, boutiques, optometrist stores, banks (BSN and Bank Rakyat), computer stores, stationery shops, restaurants and eateries (Pan Mee is a must-try!), fast food outlets (KFC, MacD, Pizza Hut and Domino Pizza), hotels (such as Garden Hotel…), musical instrument shops, branded stores which are considered as luxuries to most of us (Tutti Frutti and Secret Recipe) and the list goes on and on and on and on…

The transportation here is good enough to send you anywhere you want to go. Taxi drivers are friendly and helpful and the fare is reasonable. They try their best to send you to the destination you want. There is a bus station where you can take a bus to Klang Central which links to other parts of Malaysia (one hour ride to Bukit Tinggi where Jusco is located and two hours ride to KL). 
Oh yeah, if you love adventures and nature, Bukit Jugra (don’t forget the museum located just beside the hill) and Bukit Broga (this one requires one and a half hour ride from the town) are recommended. You can even do flying fox at Bukit Jugra! Besides, Pantai Morib is quite popular there (but too bad it is not sandy). There are some parts of Banting with kampong-feel, with cows, goats and chicken roaming the land, palm oil plantations and undeveloped forest (I am not sure whether it is actually a forest or not) with some fruit trees (Aww, I saw durian trees!). Surprisingly, I can see quite a number of species of birds here (however the ones that I can name are sparrows, pigeons, kingfishers, cuckoos, eagles, swallows etc). In addition, insects are also thrived here especially moths (Atlas moth can be found here! It was the first time I saw one.) It is a great idea to make Banting town one of the locations for backpacking! 

I am truly appreciate that I got the chance to study here. An unforgettable life experience out of Nibong Tebal, out of Penang, out of Northern Malaysia.

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