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Monday, 13 January 2014

Semester Break is Here!

Yay it's semester break! As promise I will try my best to finish up all the procrastinated posts during this five-week period before I plunge into another packed-scheduled life of semester two. Unlike the previous semester, I have 20 credits hours for the following semester with three subjects that require lab work (ugh...) and the weekdays are all occupied with classes, which means I can't slip away to Midvalley on weekdays (boohoo...). But the good news is, I have done with most of the university courses and there is only one more left! Hopefully everything will go smoothly next semester, where I can pay full enthusiasm for what I love to do: studies, wushu, archery (yay archery!!!) and so on.

Wait, before I wish for my fruitful next semester, I should really pray that my current semester holiday is a fruitful one as well (although i am slowly devoured by the sense of laziness). I have quite a lot of things to accomplish during these holidays and the Chinese New Year is near too, so to motivate myself, I will continue writing for this blog to ensure that I really do something (because you guys are watching *whisper*).

Wish everyone like me having an enjoyable semester break. Stay tune for my following posts!

P/S: Mental support to my dear and other medical students too. Keep calm, the Chinese New Year holidays are near too! ^ ^

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