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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Aquaria Trip with Family 2013

This post should be written about a month ago, hehe. I was still in university and my family paid me a visit in Serdang for three days. They had a tedious journey finding their way there due to the complicated networks of highways and roads in KL. Once you miss the junction, you have to go for a very long way to reach a U-turn point. Me and See Yen decided to take them to Aquaria, a renowned underwater world in KLCC. 

Glass shrimp, boxer shrimp, camel shrimp, skunk shrimp and fire shrimp. I have confused about their names, so I can't recall which is which, haha. They are gorgeous, right? Feel like getting myself a aquarium with guppies and shrimps, because fish is just too mainstream. Hehe.
A school of well-fed Piranhas the size bigger than palm. Woo~~~ But I don't see any visible teeth though.
Touch pool! One of my favourite sections! Do you see the sea cucumber? We get to touch the sea creatures which are not dangerous like sea cucumber, starfish and horse shoe crab.
The horseshoe crab. It is easily overlooked and inattractive but when you see the little 'legs' underneath, you will be like 'eww this is disgusting', haha. It really looks like alien.
Electric eel. Feel the current? *spark* 
Water rat with the size of a cat munching on a piece of wood, haha.
Alligator snapping turtle turning away from us. It's super strong jaws can easily snap our finger into half.
Mata - mata. The body structure except its head looks like alligator snapping turtle's. I am still wondering why does it call mata-mata.
Rajah Brooke butterfly. The largest butterfly in Malaysia.
Attacus Atlas. The largest moth in the world. The live ones are always better than the specimens. Oh wait, why do we have insects in underwater world?
green eyed gecko. 'I am watching you'
Elephant trunk snake.
Cave snake.
Gliding gecko. What a strategic place for posing, haha.
Oriental whip snake. 
Blue tongued skink. It just does not want to show its tongue. *blek*
River toad. Slightly bigger than the one we usually see.
Ball python. Its head is in the middle of the coil. Famous exotic pet.
Umm... It seems that I left out this fella's name. 
Milk snake.
White lined gecko.
Albino burmese python
Iguana. It is really huge, don't get tricked by the photo.
Mad barb.
Alligator garfish.
Arapaima with a monstrous size.
Silver arowana. Easily blend into the water with its silver appearance.
Tropical flooded forest. I wonder there is such forest in Malaysia?
Coconut crab which occupies coconut as shell.
Lion fish. Familiar enough?
Shame crab or box crab. Looks exactly like a rock. Recently people make them as pets.
Archerfish. It will aim and shoot water droplet at its prey above water surface. They move very fast that it's difficult to get a clear shot of their photo.
Japanese spider crab with its uniquely long legs.
Tropical seahorse.
Pinecone fish. They are cute, right?
Marine eel. Creepy-looking.
Chambered nautilus. Looks like living fossil pokemon, haha.
Moon jelly jellyfish.
Sea nettle jellyfish. Sounds graceful.
Pot bellied seahorse. The papa will carry the young for mama.
Artemis. Tiny creatures as food source for many fish.
False clown fish and blue coral fish. I don't know why they are known as false clown fish although they look exactly like clown fish.
Ok... I left out its name too. It is beautiful! Pokka dots!

Stone fish. There are actually two species of fish there. Another one is the purple colour one.
Spotted garden eels sticking out half of their body from the sand looking like sea bed plants moving according to water current. One of my favourite fish there. They are just so so adorable!!! 
Dory, Nemo's friend, haha. Fish living in the sea is mostly brightly coloured but no way I am going to keep them. Too much work to do to make sure that the aquarium is similar to sea water environment and is comfortable for them to live in.
I went to the Aquaria for the first time during my matriculation time with Art Club's members. It is a wonderful place for animal lovers like me. It's better if you visit the Aquaria in one whole day during weekday as there will be less people blocking your view. Don't miss out the feeding session too! There will be feeding session from time to time, just refer to the schedule provided in the handout. I will come back again someday without time limitation, hehe. There are a lot of things to learn regarding the behaviour of the sea creatures and reptiles.
(sorry that there are not much information regarding the creatures there as I didn't have much time to carefully read the introduction of each species)

P/S: To get a cheaper ticket, you guys can visit the website Groupon, you can save a lot!

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