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Friday, 24 January 2014

Big Bad Wolf 2013

This is not hyperbola, trust me.
I first heard of this event from my best friends in matriculation college. Every time this event was mentioned, they would be thrilled to describe how cheap the books sold there and how awesome the event is. Yes, the Big Bad Wolf book fair, not the one in the red riding hood, haha (I bet you guys know it better than me). So finally I got to attend this 'legendary' book fair when it was held in MIECC, The Mines which is very near to my university. It was held in Penang before, my home town, but I never got the chance to go there. What could I see there were, books, books, books, and people, books and people everywhere! At this hour of time?? It was 9am!

Luckily it was still not considered as peak hour of the book fair and I still managed to get some air-con. It was the largest book fair that I ever attended. You could discover interesting books out of expectation and most probably you would not be able to get the books you have in your mind before you enter the book fair. So, go to Big Bad Wolf with a free mind that you want to look for treasures! I am sure that you won't leave there empty-handed, unless you are not fond of English books. Another interesting view there was you could see people going around with luggages, the one with wheels that you use when you travel! I was quite surprised to see that, no wonder there were people selling luggages outside of the hall, haha. Besides, the book fair was open 23 hours per day and I went there twice, hehe. It's super tiring yet satisfying.

My conclusion about the book fair? Don't buy books at the book stores anymore! Grab everything during the Big Bad Wolf book fair once or twice a year! That will save a lot seriously! The books were very very cheap that I couldn't help to smile when I looked at the price. It was a great chance to buy encyclopedias!

Go green! Use boxes instead of plastic bags! You could see people with boxes of books paying at the counter. 
Hidden treasures. You wouldn't know what books were inside.
Guess what? The total price of these books was less than RM40!

P/S: So, yeah. This is a pretty late post. BUT. Here's another good news! Big Bad Wolf is coming back again in February right after Valentine's Day! See you then!

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