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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Here comes 2014!!!

Yes I purposely stayed up until 12am to update my blog shortly and sweetly, hehe. Currently I am in my dorm as I did not (and have never) go anywhere for count down event. It's the end of 2013 and I would like to end this year with lots of gratitudes, dedicated to all the awesome people I encounter throughout this year. Besides, thanks to Facebook that created a review so that we can easily look back to major events that have happened (and you have posted on facebook). I feel that I am such a blessed and loved child after seeing all the good memories recorded there. ^ ^

What is popular slightly before New Year? Resolutions! But I do not have the mood to do it now, perhaps some other days next year, hehe (procrastination!!!).

Last but not least,


May God bless all of you. Cheers! =)

P/S: By the way, there are a few posts that I have been procrastinating due to the oncoming final examination. I promise to complete them during the semester break. Stay tune! XD

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