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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Matriculation Life

This is the first post after I graduated from matriculation a week ago (I have been procrastinating for the past few days)! So, where shall we start? Hmm... Me and a few of my fellow Penangites took the night train on 30th of April from KL central back to the Butterworth terminal, spending approximately seven hours on the nice tidy bed of the train, heading towards North, bidding farewell to Selangor.

Now here I am, sitting in front of the computer screen, trying to pull myself away from facebook and vomit something out for my blog, haha. Being successful in entering matriculation (as we know, only 10% of non-natives will be shortlisted in enrolment of matriculation) is one of the best things that ever happened on me. To be a matriculation student, we must stay in the hostels even though the college is just a stone's throw away from you home sweet home. Hostel life can be quite enjoyable, and the first rule to make your hostel life enjoyable is, don't go home during weekends.

Yes! Weekends are the times when you don't have class and there is plenty of free time for you to allocate any activity you want (use it wisely or else you will cry during the exam). Basically, our weekend activities are studying, revising, rushing homework, doing assignment and getting ready for presentation. Did I scare you? Haha, what I have mentioned just now is a fact as our load is considered as heavy, but it is quite fun to do that with a bunch of friends, though. Ok, those are just part of it. In Selangor Matriculation College, sometimes we go outing to explore the Banting town (the most important thing is to get some good food) on food, or you can go further to Pantai Morib, Pantai Kelana or Bukit Jugra for an Eco-tour. If you yearn for shopping, take an one-hour bus ride to Aeon BukitTinggi! No matter where you go, as long as being with you crazy friends, you sure can figure out something more meaningful than struggling with the syllabus to do.
Here comes the weekday. Science students like me will have classes from eight o'clock in the morning until five o'clock in the evening (except Friday) with two to three hours in the interval unless your lecturers want to have extra lectures or tutorials (NOOOO!!!). After classes, it's our leisure time of the day. It lasts until the next morning, where the same routine starts all over again. The timetable of matriculation is quite rigid, so no worries to adapt to life here. 

As stated above, we are having hostel life, which means:
- you can see your friends twenty four hours a day, seven days a week
- you clean your own room wash your own clothes settle your meals on your own
- you can easily ask for your friends' help if you face problems in academic or you are simply bored
- you are away from home, more freedom!!! (sorry, mummy and daddy)

It is the start of leading an independent life before you enter the university. You will find time flies in the college and friendship builds in unbelievable speed. But do get mentally-prepared that you will find yourself being isolated from the outer world, though. Ah, I am eventually the third-generation senior for Selangor Matriculation College! Congratulation to those who get matriculation! I sincerely wish you guys good luck and all the best! Savour every moment in the college as you will miss it as I do after you graduate. Cheers! 

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