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Friday, 10 May 2013

Just to Show Off

Kitchen is not a place for me to cook, seriously, because I am not a very good cook. I can cook rice and instant noodles fairly well, but I can't fry an egg without breaking the yolk (I can actually, before I went for matriculation where I could not get a kitchen, even if there is a kitchen, I don't think I will cook either). The reasons that I go to kitchen are merely to find something to eat, to do the dishes and to look for mum.

However, I had prepared the dinner for this evening (kinda proud of myself, haha)! The credits go to Ang, Gan and Xuan. A few days ago Xuan shared a photo on facebook showing spaghetti being stuck through sausages which looks cute, that triggered my interest as it looks easy to make. Then, Ang and Gan who are quite familiar with the kitchen kept showing off their 'masterpieces' on facebook. Yeah, I succumbed to peer pressure. So I decided to cook something for dinner today after some plannings.

I cook once in a blue moon, about three or four times a year (you can't blame me, my grandma and mum cook well), but I do know how to cook spaghetti. The bigger challenge was the chicken. It was the first time I deal with meat, to be more specific, chicken breast for this time. Unlike baking cakes and cookies, I don't measure the amount of ingredients required, I just guess (and take the risk). It took me two hours to finish cooking and the results were satisfied (the spaghetti and chicken were fully cooked and no one complaint that the food is not nice, so I declare myself as a success, hehe). Erm, as the recipes are not mine, so I'm not going to share it, sorry.

Roasting chicken breast (covered in garlic butter and bread crumbs) in the oven. 

It may not look nice, but you never taste it you will never know.
The purpose of this post is just to show off my first experience in the kitchen after graduated from college. See, I made it!!! I feel wonderful after cooking the dinner. Hmm... Hopefully this will be the starter for me to explore the world of cooking more.


  1. wau~ my hubby finally step into kitchen~ looks delicious~ when want to cook for your darling ya~?

    1. When darling comes to my house, haha...