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Friday, 26 April 2013

I'm coming home!!! // Aww... I'm going home...

Yeah, there is a mixture of complicated and antagonistic feelings when I am reminded that it's finally the time for me to graduate from Selangor Matriculation College and back to Penang, my beloved home town. It is joyful that I survive through the packed-scheduled syllabus of matriculation and manage to go back to my home sweet home after such a long time (I've never left my home for this long). On the other hand, it is kinda sad when I have to leave the college with all the sweet memories that accumulated throughout the two semesters.  There are still plenty of chances for me to come back, though, as facilitator and former student, but seriously I will miss everything related to this college, no matter it is good or bad.

Next Tuesday I will be on the train and go North. Thank you everyone that I met here, you guys have given me one of the best parts of my life for the past nineteen years. Things might be different after we leave this intersection point of our life. Maybe we will not be able to see each other anymore. Maybe our bond will not be as close as before. But I will always keep this portion of memories in my mind that, I won't forget you guys, especially the smiling faecs. Sorry if I have hurted anyone. I promise to remember only the good side of everyone and forgive and forget. All the best for the future and take care, friends... I love you guys...

(P/S: This is the first and the last post before the end of my college life. I have been busying for this semester, sorry. =P)

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