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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Tuzki the Bunny

I first came across Tuzki long long time ago as a child without knowing his name. What I knew about it at that time was it was a mouthless white rabbit with slender eyes and limp arms (why popular cartoons at that time were mostly lacked of mouth such as Hello Kitty?). It is kinda cute although it looks as if it always wastes it time doing some pointless or desperate actions. Recently my mom fell in love with this silly bunny on Wechat and is super entertained by it. I was like...what...? Hahaha, it is good to hear that my mum likes Tuzki just like I do. So this post is for my mum too. She will laugh whenever I send an emoticon of Tuzki through wechat to her. Apparently this 'Chinese-look' bunny grabbed her heart, hahaha.

I would to share some of the emoticons (caption by myself, hehe) which can be downloaded for free from its official website. There are event images and wallpapers free for download, too! (I must leave the gif images at their original size for the clearest effect)
*flap flap flap*
*wriggle wriggle wriggle*
There we go~~~!
calm~ down...
Octopus dance move...
I...don't really care.
huh..? WHATDAFUK???
I don't want I don't want I don't want...
I like to move it move it...
*roll~and roll~and roll~*
I go to bed as fast as this.
eh leh...
Happy birthday!
I am fabulous!
Too much work to be done...but...
(emotion unable to be described in words)

It is so adorable the way it is. Weird, unpredictable and really emo, hahaha... There is an official animation of Tuzki too on Youtube. I think it is the first one despite many fan arts on internet. Don't really like the story line though, too mainstream...

Love Assassin

This post is just for sharing of this wonderful animated creation on internet. I like the stuff toy too, but too bad it is white in colour... You know what I mean...