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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Witch's House - Novel

(Image from the website)
I have written the game review for The Witch's House some time ago. It is one of the most successful 2D pixelated horror games that I have ever seen. It portraits how horrifying a witch can be (since my perspective towards witches was twisted by the Harry Potter series. Oh well, I have no idea what witch actually is, whether they are good or bad or are they even exist) and yeah, the storyline is really scary.

For those who are not into gaming thing, here is the chance for you to enjoy the story without having to play the game! The whole story was being transferred into words, turning it into a horror novel. There are more emotions inside the novel, more monologues that allow us to see through the thoughts of Ellen and Viola, the two main characters of the story. We can see the background of the two characters and how Ellen turned into a witch from an innocent girl. Not going to give anymore spoiler here, hehe. Just read it, here.

P/S: It hurted my eyes for staring at the screen reading the lines of words although I had enlarged the size of the words. Nice reading, anyway.

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