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Friday, 2 May 2014

Events on Labour's Day (part 1) - Take A Breakfast, Let's Eat Together (T.A.B.L.E.T.)

Holidays are always students' favourite starting primary school. We have no class and the time is totally ours! However, usually the time will rarely be utilised in completing assignments or tests (unless it is already at the eleventh hour) and students tend to spend more time in bed during holidays (according to statistics, students today love to sleep during leisure time as it is the most effective way to rest, hahaha, just kidding). Besides the one-hour after-lunch nap that I took (oh that is unhealthy, don't try at home), I actually attended two events at the same day. It's Labour's Day! What a good chance for us to get some fun from the events since we really had the time!

I believe most of you guys have heard of Malaysia Breakfast Day held by Milo right? This year the event was held on 20th April 2014 at Putrajaya which is quite near to Serdang but I was not around coincidently at that time (aww...). Breakfast is very important to me as I developed the habit of having breakfast influenced by my father who insists us to take breakfast no matter how resisting your stomach is towards breakfast early in the morning. So during high school time I slowly adapted to the lifestyle which I would take breakfast no matter how early it was, like 5.15am (my bus would come at 6am something like that). Now I will feel like starving to death if I do not take breakfast after I wake up in one hour time. Usually the reason students do not take breakfast is because they wake up late but I will not have that problem. I consistently wake up at 6am every weekday so that I have at least two hours before class. However, here's another problem. There is no stall operating so early that I have to eat bread or biscuits which I really dislike as breakfast.

This breakfast event was quite exciting to me as I missed the one held by Milo. The more important reason is I LOVE breakfast. It was held by the Dietetics students of our university in collaboration with my college. There was not much publicity that many people were not aware that there was such an event and another thing was, many students went home during this brief holidays (if we count this Friday as holiday, too, haha). By the time I reached the hall of my college, I was the first and only participant who arrived super early (actually I was a few minutes late after 7.45am). Others students there were the facilitators and it was quite awkward. Finally I was accompanied by Habib and Soon Li (who woke up early for me!!! hahaha) that at least I was not that lonely. The main tentative programmes of this event were, of course, taking breakfast (bread again!!! WHY...), exhibition, health screening, educational talk, snake&ladder interactive activity, and breakfast preparation competition. Out of all these programmes, I got the most benefits from the health screening with counselling. This was the first time I did the body fat screening test. It was amazing how the device that you held with both your hands straight can detect the fat content of your body. Besides we also did the Body Mass Index (BMI) check. Hmm... Looks like I have to control my diet already since I want to secure the position at the normal range. The dietetic consultant there (her name is Ms. Tan if I am not mistaken) gave us detailed explanation and advice on our breakfast habits. The way she talked to us made us feel that she was concerned about our diet and yeah I want to change (hopefully)!

We also had fun making breakfast in a team of about four persons. Awareness events should not be carried out in a too formal way as it would be dull and stressful. We were having a great time joking around when making sandwiches. Last but not least, the goodies bag! This one used to be the attraction for any event held in university. We got products from Ayam Brand (tuna with crackers!), Anlene milk and so on which really turned our mood on towards having breakfast. I did not regret for spending the whole morning there and learnt something beneficial although it seemed like a general knowledge but there were things that we did not know such as there are 14 guidelines in Malaysian Dietary Guidelines (as we were rushing through the event I did not actually read all the guidelines. As conclusion there are all the good habits that we should have regarding our diets).

Soon Li, me and Habib who was guilty of not taking breakfast often.... XD
(argh the front camera of Nokia Lumia is not really that good)

P/S: Dear friends, no more excuse for not accompanying me to take breakfast, kay... XD

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