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Friday, 1 January 2016

A Brand New Year - Blue Pumpkin Cafe

2015 was not a very pleasant year to me, many sh*ts happened but anyway, it's 2016 that I will spend the rest of my 21-year-old before the end of April! I spent my countdown last night in my dream at the hostel just like last time, waking up to this brand new year in a cloudy drizzling morning. Many university students are still having exam before and after this new year, but me and my roommate decided to spend some nice lunch time out of the campus today!

I like cafes, and the cafes should meet these 'basic' criteria: nice comfortable atmosphere, Wifi available, power supply provided and of course, decent coffee (never ever in paper cup please). I have seen Blue Pumpkin by the Barista last year when I went to South City Plaza, ok I mean, two days ago. So I have decided to come and have a look some time, which is two days later. I know I am impatient, but this cafe name just attracted me! The name of the cafe is the first thing that will make customers decide whether to come in or not after all!

It is located within walking distance from the South City Plaza.

Without placing a high hope on this cafe (Seri Kembangan is not a city like KL), the atmosphere was surprisingly comfortable. Warm lighting, clean environment, my favourite songs, and there was no other customer in the cafe! That is a good thing for me, because I don't like noisy and crowded cafe. However, if I am looking for a place for lunch, I would go for places crowded with people, because it means nice food, hehe.

Soft lighting, but not too dim that I still can read in the cafe.
Cute decoration on the table!
Inspirational quotes on the wall, it flattered me as a coffee addict, hahaha.

Since me and my roommate had taken lunch somewhere, we decided to just have a cake here. There was a wide variety of cakes listed on the menu, but only a few of them were available, just like what usually happens in any cafe. The waiter told me that mille crepes are top seller here, so we decided to go for the recommendation. Usually I won't have lunch or dinner in cafe because cafe to me is more like a place for breakfast or tea, so there is no guarantee that the main course will be nice. And I am not a fan of western style meal.

Hazelnut latte. It was smooth and quite mild. But you cannot take my 'mild' seriously because I am a eveyr-day-at-least-one-coffee drinker, hahaha. It was decent, I must say.
Matcha passion mille crepe. This was recommended by the waitor and it was quite good! However it was a bit too sweet for me.
Can you see the passion fruit jam oozing from between the layers? ;)

This cafe is one of the best places to chill out, having coffee while surfing the net. I will definitely come back again! UPM is located so far away from the city that it would take me more than one hour to reach Midvalley by public transport, so having a cafe nearer is definitely a good thing even though me and my roommate were almost knocked down by bastard drivers twice around that area thank God that we were safe!

Thank you my roommate for capturing this serious face of me when blogging.

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