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Thursday, 31 July 2014

One Shot - Review

I am feeling complicated after finishing this game. This is the game that you should play it on your own instead of watching someone else playing it! Download the game here now and play it before continue reading this post or else you will regret! What I can say without giving spoilers is this game gave me surprises that I never thought I can feel so bonded with a virtual character in a mere 2D pixellated computer game. I thought that only horror games can really trigger your inner feelings (in this case, fear), but this one changes my view towards 2D RPG games (the first one that changed my view towards computer games was The Witch's House). Getting a good game (and free one) to play is becoming difficult, but I am glad that I came across this game on rmn website. This game got lots of excellent reviews and a very high rating from people. So I gave it a try and now I am left amazed, writing this review right away!

Warning!!! Your scrolling should stop here!!! Play the game!!! Spoiler ahead!!!

The main character named Niko, a boy with cat eyes (cats are always mysterious, right?). Wait, you are not the main character, but you are you, the nerd (probably you are one, hahaha) sitting in front of the screen! So you play as 'god' to guide Niko, the 'messiah' in saving the world which is at the edge of getting destroyed as the sun is gone (relax, it's nothing religious). You have to solve puzzles (I tried to get some hints on internet when I stuck but couldn't find anything. So I got a little bit of help from my brother at the beginning and lots of lucks near the end of the game) which might make you feel dumb (at least it did that to me, hahaha) and at the end you have to decide Niko's and the world's fate: to save Niko or to save the world. Niko will get a light bulb (which is the sun of the world) and try to put it back to where it belongs to so that the dim world can be lit up again. But you can choose to shatter the bulb into pieces so that Niko can go home again.

The story line of the game sounds pretty common like hero-rescues-the-world type. What makes it so special is that you can only play the once (that's why the name of this game is 'oneshot'), which means you cannot quit the game in the middle of progress (which will lead to Niko's death) or replay the game at all means (you can replay it on other computers or reformat your computer though). It is a life or death decision, once you make the choice, there is no way you are going to undo it or load the game like other games you played. Maybe this gives you a little bit of stress to take the game more seriously. Another point that causes the decision making even difficult is that you can interact with the game. The game knows your name and will mess around with your computer and IT IS JUST SO REAL. As if the game is alive, Niko is alive, and the shits are getting real (so imagine if they use this concept in a horror game, woooo). Yeah you will have simple interactions with Niko which is quite sweet but this leads to your reluctance in final decision-making at the end of the game. Besides, the puzzles are cleverly designed that you need to work your rusted brain a bit harder or you will end up feeling frustrated. Look out of the box (this is an important hint *wink*) and get the clue.

Despite being a 2D computer game, the graphic is beautiful. Niko looks just so adorable and lovable. The soundtrack receives compliments from others but I find it somehow disturbing to me that I feel nausea when listening to it for too long (so I took off my earpieces sometimes). The whole concept of this game is new to me but I am not sure whether you will be impressed (hopefully it does!). The developer of this game should really get the credits!

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