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Monday, 24 March 2014

Mad Father Review (18+)

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Ok this week is the test week for most of us in University Putra Malaysia so I am completing this post (which was forsaken months ago, haha) to distract my focus on stresses that I had these few days (usually my stresses are not about exams, it's more to assignments, lab reports, events and relationships with people). This time I don't recommend you guys to watch Pewdiepie playing it because his series is not whole which left me confused about the whole game as he skipped a lot in the videos. Since there are a lot more youtuber-gamers out there, I chose Markiplier (I like his accent, haha) after randomly browsing through youtube without having the idea which one is better. No comparison was made.

Mad Father, it the second best 2D horror game after The Witch's House, in my opinion. I think a good 2D RPG game should be detailed in every little things in the scenes and also the story. I have played some games which is not detailed enough to make me attach to the game causing me to give up not even half way through the game. Mad Father is the most detailed 2D horror game I have ever seen (yes I didn't play this one too, it's too tough for me). You get descriptions from every objects that you encounter (I think this is important as we know whether the object is useful for us in the game or not, or else we will be easily confused and eventually stop playing it, just like me). Descriptions make the game looks real and alive. Compared to The Witch's House, there are more 'behind the scenes' in the as you play the game, with a lot of minor characters with unique background stories behind them.

Spoiler Alert!

So here is my interpretation regarding this story. The 'mad father' is a character in the game who is referred as 'doctor' named Alfred. He is Aya's (the main character which you control in the game) father whose wife died when Aya was young. He has an assistant named Maria (she is his lover too) who works with him in preserving the 'beauty' of human beings, which means preserving human corpse to retain the beauty seen. Mad father had the habits of killing small animals since childhood and eventually he killed his parents. The background of mad father is really psychotic which leads him in doing all these things. There are lots of dolls which looked real in his mansion and all sort of bloody things in the basement where he does the 'experiments'. He tries his best in avoiding Aya from getting hurt and eventually he wants to turn her into one of the dolls to preserve his beautiful daughter.

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The game started when Aya heard his father's scream at midnight and found that the mansion was cursed. She had to find ways to rescue her father, her only relative in this world after her mother's death. There were dead body walking everywhere which would chase after you. You will encounter a lot of the mad father's experimental subjects each with their own stories (there are really a lot, so I can't mention one by one here) and try to help them by fulfilling their wish or solving their problems. There was one special character named Dio, a boy (also an experimental subject) who was sent by Aya's mother to help her to escape from all the mess her father created. Of course he was sacrificed at the end of the game with the burning mansion although most people hope that he would live happily ever after with Aya. He is a corpse anyway, that would not happen.
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There is something strange about Aya's personality. She seemed calm throughout the game where there were blood and gores everywhere. Besides some 'yucks' or yelling, she gave normal response to the living deads as if they were quite normal to her. Besides, a little girl like her could operate a chainsaw. This is really...umm...I don't know what to say. After all she grew up under her father's care and influence.
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Just like other similar 2D RPG games, there are three endings. The good one, the bad one and the secret one (which appears if you collected all the gems hidden in the game). Ah, I have forgotten what are the endings (procrastination kills memories!!!!!!!!). I remembered that at the end, Aya lived happily ever after with Maria, as a 'doctor' just like her father. I was like 'WHAT' when I saw the ending. Ok, no one said that she became a doctor like her father, but what she did indicated that she was doing what her father did, the way she complimented the patient's eyes.

P/S: This is the download link. I did not expose much about the information in this game but I wish that you guys can try playing it on your own. Plenty of violences but with a story that would last long in your head. You know, I do not normally watch or play violent games, but when I do...there are only a few. Hahahahaha...

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