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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Malam Gong Xi 2014 in Kolej Tun Perak - Trailer

Chinese New Year has just ended with Chap Goh Meh last week! So how was your Chinese and Western Valentine's Day? *wink* I am sure that most of us have started our second semester of the year with either 'still-hesitate-to-study' mood or 'looking-forward-to-challenge' mood (mine is the fusion of both of the moods, haha). Anyway, no matter what do you feel about this brand new semester, here is something that you should feel excited about!

The theme of this belated Chinese New Year celebration event known as Malam Gong Xi was translated as 'Fate Brings Us Together, We Celebrate This New Year with Joy' (I know it sounds weird in English, but it is perfect in Mandarin, haha). It is held on 4th of March 2014 in Dewan Sri Bendahara at 5.00pm for the Carnival while 7.30pm for the actual event. Wait, before that, there is also a pre-event Chinese Calligraphy competition which is open for Chinese as well as non-Chinese! The competition would be going on on 26th and 27th of March 2014 at. You don't have to bring anything, just present yourself any time from 1.00pm to 7.00pm and show time! Get your hands on the brush and red papers to create your own ink writings! (Opps... This post is late, so come tomorrow!!! No hesitation!!!)

Please come to our college at 5.00pm as there will be a Carnival selling a variety of food (unlike those in Putra Food Court!) including curry fish balls, herbal eggs, fried crab stick, 'ice box' and others! Grab your dinner here before entering the hall! For the performances during Malam Gong Xi, there will be LION DANCE! Never been close to a 'lion' before? This is your chance! We have invited a great variety of traditional and modern performers to entertain you guys. They are the lion dance team, festive 24 drums team, wushu club, UXD modern dance club, latin dancer, live band and the list goes on! It will be an unforgetable night and worthy for you to spend. Can you imagine the joyous atmosphere of that night? You will get a lot of first experiences on Chinese traditions. What you see on TV is not necessarily the same as what you feel and try on your own! Trust me!

Take a break from all the stresses that you face in study! Oh, your time is not yet packed with assignment? Then there is no reason for you to not to come! Hahaha. For your information, buses will be provided at K17, K10&K11 and Kolej Serumpun! No hustle and bustle. Get your ticket NOW! It is selling fast! Hurry!

COUNT DOWN 6 DAYS TO MALAM GONG XI! See you there (look for me at the Carnival, haha)!


  1. I hope it will be fun though I wont be able to make it! Enjoy all the food and tell us all about it!!