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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Dear!

When I was doing my assignment last night, this thing popped out! Oh now Facebook has a new feature to avoid quarrels from happening because of forgetting anniversary date! Hahaha. Well, I wished my dear a few days earlier and it did slip from my mind for awhile until I saw this reminder. It is difficult for us to spend long time together because everyone is busy for studies and also some other activities. So when I read back the previous post I was kinda envy. We didn't really do something special together this year but still I am happy that it has been two years and still counting!

We are not really in a LDR (people in real LDR will freak out at us) but the distance is really annoying. Even though we are really near to one another (compared to couples separated by seas), tight schedule and bad public transportation are the obstacles. Even though Midvalley is a convenient dating spot, we would drain our wallet if we keep meeting there (hey nono I am not a shopaholic kay). No matter how, I am glad that we have Skype that we can see one another for two times one day. It might sound crazy, but don't you think seeing your loved one when you wake up before going to class and seeing them again before you go to sleep is wonderful? At least timeline is not yet a constraint for us for now, not yet.
(I must keep this post short or else!!!!!!!)

My dear is getting better in selfie... XD

Happy anniversary, my dear!
Wish you a enjoyable second year in the university and thanks for your wishing cards with the Ferrero Rocher, will finish it pretty soon no worries! Love you~

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