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Friday, 25 July 2014


Dear Ang, Gan, Yuan Zhang (I was thinking whether I should include Yong in this letter, anyway he couldn't escape from all these, hahaha) and Yong,

It's been a long time since I last wrote a letter for you guys (nah I wrote it only once, hope you guys still have it, please take a snapshot of the letter and PM me, I am curious about what I have written at that time, hahaha), hope you guys are in pink (or orange, blue, green, yellow etc.) and enjoying your semester breaks. Life is getting bored without you guys around, so I decided to write a combined letter (no more hand written one!) dedicated to all of you (four in one) who have given me one of the most awesome moments in my life (and most awful ones sometimes, I will make sure you pay for it, hehe).

Christmas gathering 2013.
I dug through my photo collections and facebook for the whole afternoon and found that we rarely have group photos, LOL...

The main purpose of me writing this letter is to bring some sparkles of memories back because I really miss you guys and real friends are very hard to find these days (maybe because we get older and difficult to trust people?). People said that absence makes heart grow fonder. This is a terrible lie. I have lost contact (and bonding) with many of my old friends (friends I have before I entered matriculation) because we rarely meet and seldom care. It is quite impossible for five of us to meet up since Gan is often quite far away in Kelantan, but there is no excuse for Ang (don't tell me you are busy, hahaha, I always update about your situation with my spy) and Yuan Zhang (eh at least text me once in awhile so that I know you guys are alive and kicking kay?). The most recent meeting was during my birthday in April and last year's Christmas (I hope this 'tradition' goes on, haha), both without Gan *sob* (although I have not met Gan for more than a year but we are still quite close, right? hahahah).

When we decided to shade our face from sunlight with our hand while walking across Dataran Kosmik in the morning.

I don't know what makes us so close in frequency despite our respective unique weird personalities (we could see that from us complaining about one another to one another) that we can accept each other's flaws which not most people can take it. Yeah and everything escalated during matriculation first study week (playing Jetpack Joyride, watching Runningman, chatting nonsense, doing anything not relevant with studies etc.) after our relationships started with Yong the culprit *wink*. I am quite sure that we don't change much after our first year in university (Yong is still jealous as always, Ang is still flirting here and there as always, Gan is still caring as always and Yuan Zhang is still quite like an assassin as always). Although I am not sure whether this consistency is a good thing or not, I don't want anything to change though, this circle is too comfortable for me to forsake. Relationships (family, partner or friends) need efforts to maintain, and some secrets maybe (hahaha). So I think I will end the letter here because I run out of ideas about what to write already (LOL), give me some inspirations man!

Here's a song I would like to share with you guys, with love:

P/S: We should schedule another Google+ meeting!

Realistic pillow talk (which reminds me of the witch every time I see a pillow)...
Cuter version... XD

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