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Friday, 14 February 2014

Dedicated to My Valentine - - - See Yen Yong

My relationship did not start with a bud of friendship being nourished by attention and care then eventually it blossomed and I fell in love. This one is too ordinary to be written on my blog, haha, just kidding. I rarely talk about my relationship on my blog except once last year. (See Yen: Write about me! Please please please~).

I do not usually mention him in my blog. But when I do... Here we go. =P

He was an outstanding guy in my matriculation college in the sense of appearance (tall, unusually fair-skinned for a guy, thick eye brows) and also confidence. I admit that I was quite surprised by his super-duper-highly-unreachable confidence by the time we just got to know each other (there were only over 100 Chinese students there, so basically everyone of us knew each other) that he kept calling random girls he met 'beauty'. Most of us (girls) were like, what? Yes this was him. He flirted (maybe this is not the suitable adjective but I couldn't think of others) with almost every Chinese girl in the college without feeling a trace of shame or fear that he might get slapped. However we got used to his style of greeting and let him be.

His confidence did not only come from his impressively excellent command of English (as a result of hard work during childhood) but also...I am not sure... He was always sparkling in confidence without specific reason every time he appeared before me but we rarely met each other. We were in different class, had different circles of friends and somehow different styles of living which made us almost impossible to meet up. And the most significant reason was, he went home every weekend (he lives in Selangor while I lives in Penang, causing me unable to go home as I liked) while I stayed in the college spending free time with a bunch of crazy friends who never made the weekend dull.

According to him, he started to approach me during the fasting month of Malay after a month or two of crush and hesitation. During that period I went to the only operating cafe in the college which located near the guys' hostels at 6am, alone (purely for breakfast, nothing else). By that time the cafe was quite empty with only a few hungry non-muslim male students (girls were too lazy to walk there except me). I am not sure how but he naturally join the table with another boy friend (who always ignored me and focused on his meal). I did not aware of his 'motive' and we just kept each other company at that almost deserted place every day and went on our own way for class. Human are not meant to be alone, right?

God was standing on his side when he officially began to pursue me. During the study week of our first semester (seriously study week??? Thank God for our flying-coloured results!), he kept meeting me 'by chance' in the library. Out of the blue, he looked into my eyes and said 'I love you, can you be my girlfriend?', not for once, but for many many times! I was amused by what he had done and just laughed without looking at him. We were not even close friends...and he...he asked me to be his girlfriend? I did not accept him at that time, or any other time that he shamelessly said it again and again. So we actually do not have an actual anniversary date. All I remembered is, by the end of the study week, I fell in love with this guy. (I know that escalated pretty quick, haha)

This photo was taken in Secret Recipe in Banting town. We were having lunch gathering after class on Friday (the day we were allowed to be out of 'jail' and got some life!).
Photo credits to my darling, Kai Xuan! Yea he appears shorter than me when we sit down but actually he is much taller than I am. 
Getting some fresh air outside the library. With the starry night sky above our head, it's romantic, right? Haha.
This was our trip to Bukit Jugra with fellow members of Wushu Club. Magnificent view we had there!
After the Chinese traditional dance performance of Chinese Cultural Night of Selangor Matriculation College.
Since then, we became one of the popular sweet couples in the college (students were forbidden to date there, but still, you know what I mean, hehe). Seriously we spent a lot of time sticking together (although we could not even hold each other's hand) whenever we did not have class. There were some 'habitual' shocks happening at the very beginning and soon we adapted to one another's lifestyle. Both of us have changed (quite a lot, I must say that I am a totally different person now) to complement each other. I had never felt the true love before I met him. And it is beautiful (I missed the puppy love during high school time, which people said is the purest, haha). My world changed, because of him.

I have been behaving like a tomboy since I was a kid and even for now I still act like one (it's really not a bad thing to be boyish, trust me). But this one guy is the only one on this Earth who ever treats me like a princess even though he knows I am not 'someone-anyone-should-mess-around-with'. He does not hide his love towards me at all, no matter where we are or who we are being with (burning light bulbs *spark*). I do not know how to describe it, but if you have met us before in persons, I bet you understand the situation, haha. I was very shy and awkward at the beginning when he insisted on holding my hands (the kind with fingers intertwined) with all the friends around. It looked like he was dragging me due to my hesitation (See Yen: I don't care. You are my girlfriend. Blek). Now it is the most natural thing to do when we are at each other's side.

The first present he gave me after coming back from home after weekend. It plays 'forever love' by Lee Hom.
Both of us have one of this lovely pendent. 
My first Valentine's Day gift from him, haha.
Now we are living apart from each other. During university semester break I would be in Penang while he would still be in Selangor (if and only if he has holidays); otherwise I would be in University Putra Malaysia in Serdang while he would be in University Malaya in KL (sometimes I still feel regretted for not choosing to be in the same university with him, even though I have survived one semester in UPM). The distance is not a really big deal (not until one of us have to go oversea to further our studies, boohoo...), thanks to our advance communication devices and services. We have been together for more than one year (please refer to the gadget above my profile picture on the right hand side of my blog) and this is the second Valentine's Day we have. I am happy that I could spend the day right beside him.
Future environmental scientist and future doctor, hehe.
There is still a long way to go. We just turned 20 this year. The adulthood is still young, haha. So here comes to the end of the post but I am sure that there are a lot more to write as we grow up together (yeap I still consider us as innocent children, hahaha). So back to the main purpose of this post:

HAPPY VALENTINE' S DAY, dear. Your wish has been granted, hehe. Love you very much. May God watch over us for every step we walk together until the very end.

Acting cool on the train, hahaha... (you wouldn't mind that I post this photo, right? XD)


  1. stay sweet~ my hubby and hubby's hubby~
    like to see both of you holding hands, sweet forever~
    See yen, must take good care of my hubby, if not i will boom your faculty, boom your kk, boom your room... hiak hiak...
    Happy Valentine's day !!! <3

    1. Thanks darling, just saw your post today... =P
      Happy belated Valentine's Day to you too! Wish you a happy second semester in UM... ^ ^

  2. You know today is my first tie reading your posts and this is a very sweet and innocent one. Happy Valentines Day to both of you!! You both make a lovely couple. I know how it is to be away for a period of time from a loved one. Image if he was in the service like my hubby here teehee. ^_^ <3

    1. Thanks for reading and! Haha, just saw your comment today. Happy belated Valentine's Day to you and your hubby too! ^ ^

  3. I'm speechless...!!!Lol! Too sweet !!!!!!
    Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart
    Wish you all the best both.
    Take care.. :)