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Friday, 18 October 2013

Happy Anniversary, Dear... =)

There were five days of Hari Raya Haji holidays and we spent most of the time sticking to each other. Since the graduation from matriculation last year, we can hardly see each other face to face (except through computer screen though). Although we are not having a very long distance relationship, time spent together is still precious to us!

Last Friday: Pork burgers! I was like 'really???' when dear showed it to me in Midvalley. Hmm... The portion is small and suits the appetite of any on-diet girl. (sorry that before the photo of the burger was taken it had already gone, hahaha) I wonder what would happen if this store is open in Banting. *evil smile*

Last Friday: Went to this cafe (forgot the cafe's name, ugh) during the hunt for dear's new lappy (he is so pretty!). Thank God that it didn't rain heavily, or else we would be soaked through the skin. This is dear's favourite drink - latte.

Last Saturday: On KTM again. Travelling on KTM is too common for us especially between Subang Jaya and KL Central. But this time it was not because I was going back to Penang. We were on our way to movie (it had been such a long time since I last watched movie in cinema)!

Last Saturday: The Empire Shopping Complex. Random view through the KTM's window.

Last Saturday: After controlling my diet for so long, dear treated me with this super rich American chocolate cake. My quota for food was exceeded immediately after the first bite, ugh. This cafe is in Viva Home, Cheras. The surrounding is nice and comfortable for couples, haha.

Last Saturday: Oh boy oh boy!!! Mayday!!! Yyaaaaay!!!! (please forgive me, but it was really exciting. It could be worthier than going to the concert, really)

Last Saturday: I found Gurney Drive in Cheras, hahaha. Supper with dear after the movie. Tako and popia!

Last Sunday: After the event IGEM 2013 in KLCC. We discovered this candy store and were mesmerized by the varieties of candies (and the prices somehow). 
Last Tuesday: Mysterious Lichen (I think it is) at Lakeside.
Last Tuesday: Looking for the will-escape-before-you-approach-it King Fisher.
Last Tuesday: Lunch at Papparich with dear's family. Unlike other chain restaurants, I found that food served in Papparich can be as good as hawker stalls food in Penang! (Sorry for the half-eaten cendol, haha) 

Wow time is fast and we have been with each other for a year! It is still unbelievable for me that two persons from different worlds (one is an anime lover while the other is a gadget maniac) can meet each other and fall in love within a very short period of time (and it was during the study week, I still couldn't figure out how it happened!) Honestly at the very beginning we don't have any similar interest at all. The only two similarities that we have are: we studied in the same matriculation college and our names sound like brother and sister (only friends will know what I mean, it's awkward when we introduce each other to our own friends, haha).

This is the villain!!!
Dear's first 3D puzzle ever! We bought it at Aeon Bukit Tinggi last time.

A traditional musical instrument dear brought back from Bali, Indonesia. There is no distinct do re mi fa so but it sounds light and cheerful.

Marimo! The one who accompanies me in my lonely college dorm. He is so lovely!

P/S: Am not going to talk too much about him, just wanna confess that: I love you dear! ^ ^  May God bless both of us and our relationship! Happy Anniversary! =3

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